Technology / Tradition / Natural materials / Skills / Professionalism

The place where ideas take shape

The workshop is our soul, the place where ideas are born, grow and take shape.

When a new product is created, we combine technology, tradition and expertise, paying the utmost attention to the raw materials that have been chosen. The use of natural products allows us to restore the natural beauty to things without causing damage to the environment.


Our laboratory is equipped with technologically advanced machinery, suitable for making any type of product using your chosen material. The latest addition to the Anticovecchio house is “L’Invincibile”, an electronically programmed circular saw with double inclination / 46 ° blade. The latest generation of its kind, that very few have in Italy, this allows us to cut with an incredible precision that was unconceivable before today.


We produce our pieces of furniture with age-old techniques, thanks to the experience of our qualified staff, and the latest generation of the highest quality materials.

Competence and Professionalism

Our expertise in the field of restoration and cabinet making is carefully transferred to each process thanks to the experience of our workshop manager.

Workshop Gallery